The Mobile Software Package (MSPY Installation) lets you use your computer remotely via a mobile phone to access the files and folders on any Windows-based computer. By using a remote computer, you can view the desktop of your other computer or the Internet Explorer on a different computer. The software can be installed into the computer remotely through the USB cable that is connected between the PC and the MSPY. You can also control the mouse movements and keyboard shortcuts while browsing the Internet or viewing pictures in Windows.

An email account is not required for an MSPY installation. Even if you do not have an email account, you can still install the spy app on the computer that you wish to monitor. Since the software comes with an installer, you don’t need physical access to your system to install the program. The program starts to work immediately after it is installed.

The primary benefit of using mspy installation to spy on another device is the remote monitoring ability of this application. It is considered safer than having an actual spy application installed on the computer system because there are no chances of getting the other party to uninstall the program. There is no need to download or install additional software for your computer in order to use the spy program on any computer that is not your own. Since the program is jailbreak enabled, it will work even if the computer is already jailbroken.

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