Pirater Android is a good phone for gamers and freaks of all sorts. The Android operating system gives this phone the ability to play pirated games without having to purchase a new computer. Pirater Android has been equipped with a special filtering program that blocks all pirated games from being played on the phone. This means you get to enjoy hours of pure unadulterated fun as you play your favorite games without worrying about being connected to a company that sells pirated games. In addition, many of the games can be played in other applications that do not have any relation to the original game at all. Pirater Android also provides the ability to use a USB cable to connect to other computers and connect them to play their own pirated games as well.

A feature that sets Pirater Android apart from other Rovia devices is its distance control feature. The distance you can set for the device will determine the screen resolution and whether or not it is best to see things from a distance or if you want to be up close and be able to see everything clearly. Pirater Android also allows users to increase the volume of the sound coming from the speakers so you get to hear everything very clear and detailed no matter what your distance is from the phone.

The touch screen on this particular phone is a bit smaller than others but it responds quickly and makes use of the capacitive features well. The screen also does not glare like others so you will not need to squint just to see the information on the screen. All in all, Pirater Android does everything an average smartphone should while at the same time providing the gamer with a nice experience. It is also loaded with great software that is designed to work with the games that this phone was designed to play. The price of Pirater Android is very reasonable, which is a good thing because this phone is perfect for people who want something moderately priced yet packed full of power and features.

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