Montenegrins spend 1000s of euros for the young Albanian ladies, so when they see whom those are in fact one, these are generally surprised!

Few males through the north of Montenegro had been left without few thousand euros, but in addition without guaranteed

One guy from Rozaj town, whom desired to stay anonymous as a result of “for so-called shame”, claims he gave 2.500 euros to marry a woman from Shkoder, but he never ever saw the bride.

– I wish to alert everyone whom decide about this to care not to ever end up like me personally – stated this guy and mentions that four of their neighbors currently hitched Albanians, as reported by

– They usually have been shown to be a great spouses and housewives. Our ladies will not arrived at the village, so I made the decision to carry Albanian. And you want a “middleman”, an individual who understands their possibilities and that will guaranty for all of us and also to translate. This is certainly the way I found a guy from Andriceva and folks said he’s got been doing that work for decades – he stated and told that “middleman” asks for 3.000 euros that he would provide to your bride’s household.

Tesko vama ako ste u vezi sa ovim muskarcima, oni su najljubomorniji

– I offered him 2.500 euros for the reason that it’s all i had right now, together with remainder if the job is completed. He brought pictures of prospective brides. We picked one and then we headed towards the town near Shkoder. Whenever we got there they showed us completely various woman because mine ended up being visiting family relations. That one had been earliest pens having a handicap therefore we decided to come once again in two months. For the time being the “middleman” explained that your family changed their minds because we allegedly insulted them, and therefore the funds stayed together with them. He asked me personally to get more cash to locate me personally another woman, but we lost rely upon him – stated this man that is deceived mail order bride russia.

An added guy through the certain part of Adrijevica claims to have offered 10.000 euros, but he’s gotn’t been hitched yet.

– individuals cheated on me personally. We traveled at least eight times to Albania. Now it appears to be founded string of frauds where both our individuals and Albanians participated. They’ve been earning profits on other’s people misfortune, Jesus will discipline them – hopeless groom is cursing.

He stated she got away that he managed to bring home an Albanian for 3.000 euros, but.

– First i went here to generally meet her, to propose to her. Those will be the traditions. Also her household found see where we live. Regarding the third time i went along to bring her house. After 17 times she went away, i’m not sure exactly exactly exactly how. We belive I happened to be cheated because later on we heard that we now have agencies in Shkoder and therefore area of the cash is payed for them when it comes to girls who allegedly have hitched, and later on they hightail it – he reveals.

Most likely, he said he would not suggest to anyone to “search for the bride from Albania because he will be cheated”.

Man from Bjelo Polje, alleged victim, said the ended up being thinking to attend law enforcement, as he destroyed 2.000 euros and a bride, nevertheless the buddies chatted him not to ever do so.

– They explained that I possibly could respond to for white slavery. That knows exactly exactly what would police think. We suspect other people aren’t reporting for the reason that is same or as they are ashamed about this.

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