Loan Processors Faq’s

See below for DFI’s answers to concerns frequently asked about Loan Processors.

We act as a Loan Processor. Must i’ve a Loan Originator or large financial company permit at the time of January 1, 2007?

  1. You won’t need to be certified with DFI underneath the after scenarios:
    1. You might be A w2 employee loan Processor for an authorized home loan broker(s). Generally speaking, you need to work from an authorized location (primary or branch workplace). See WAC 208-660-300(14) to find out more.
    2. You might be A w2 employee loan Processor for a financial loan processing business that features home financing broker permit. Generally speaking, you have to work from the location that is licensed. See WAC 208-660-300(14) to learn more.
  2. You’ll want a license with DFI underneath the following scenarios:
    1. You’ll want a loan originator license in the event that you act as a completely independent specialist Loan Processor ( be given a 1099) for a licensed mortgage broker. You need to work from the licensed location under the large financial company permit.
    2. You’ll want a loan originator license in the event that you act as a separate specialist loan Processor ( be given a 1099) for a financial loan processing company. You have to work from a licensed location under the loan processing organization’s large financial company license.
    3. You must have home financing broker permit if a processing is owned by you company that independently agreements (gets a 1099) with licensed mortgage agents to process loans. Your W2 employees and separate contractors (1099 premium workers) must work from the licensed location. Your contractors that are independent be certified as loan originators.

Currently as financing Processor, we have compensated straight through the closing dining table – not just a W2 and never a 1099 – where do we easily fit into this guidance?

Only the certified home loan broker and bona fide party that is third providers can be paid from the closing dining dining table.

  • Then report your payments to the IRS on a 1099 if you choose option 2a above, the “processing fee” will be paid at closing to the mortgage broker who will in turn pay you (as a licensed loan originator.
  • The processing company that holds a mortgage broker license may be paid the “processing fee” at closing if you choose option 2c above. Then your processing business will spend its employees.

I am a independent specialist loan Processor working from 1 large financial company company’s licensed branch workplace, but I would like to process loans for most home loans as of this location. Does each large financial company company need certainly to license this location as being a branch, or as it’s already an authorized location could I simply relate my loan originator permit towards the mortgage that is many and keep working simply with this location?

The mortgage documents for every mortgage broker needs to be handled at a location that is licensed. Some of these choices are acceptable:

  • Each large financial company company might license your local area being a branch.
  • Each large financial company may come right into a processing contract because of the business keeping the large financial company branch license at your local area.
  • You might travel from location to location which means you plan each large financial business company’s loans at that company’s certified location(s).

I’m a contractor that is independent Processor working from home financing broker company’s licensed branch workplace. Could I process loans for other lenders using this location?

When you receive your loan originator permit, either of these choices is acceptable:

  • Each mortgage that is additional company for that you offer loan processing services may license the area as being a branch. You have to begin a W-2 or 1099 relationship with every of these home loans.
  • Each extra large financial business company for that you offer loan processing services may enter a contract using the large financial company company keeping the branch permit at that location.

Just exactly How must Loan Processors handle loan files?

Follow these directions whenever processing loan files:

  • Loan files should always live at an authorized location. The positioning may be a branch for the mortgage broker’s workplace or perhaps a separate processing office licensed beneath the work.
  • A loan that is licensed processing files for longer than one large financial company can process the loan files at each and every home loan broker’s primary or branch office, going from company to business. Or the licensed loan originator can open an workplace that is certified as north dakota installment loans a branch of each and every mortgage business with who they contract to process loans.
  • In the event that Loan Processor creates and keeps a duplicate loan file, that file must certanly be in keeping with the file that is original by the large financial company.
  • Files could be held in paper type or in many different electronic news. The originating mortgage broker has the home loan file and is expected to maintain the apply for a the least twenty-five months.

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