Hackers have been given a free hand when it comes to their attacks on computer systems and in the past few years, a new term has entered the vocabulary of computer users everywhere:” Hacker Unlt” or “Hijack This”. What does this mean? Simply put, a hacker is someone who hacks into computer systems without authorization. Thus, if you are in possession of a cell phone, do not ever give it to a stranger without checking whether they are a hacker.

Hackers are not just people with malicious intentions. A large number of hackers use their skills to infiltrate organizations for illicit motives such as sabotage, theft, fraud and credit card fraud. The threat is very real and is getting more intense because of the increasing sophistication and penetration of computer networks and IT systems. This makes it essential for companies to take all reasonable steps to protect themselves from these malevolent forces.

Common examples of hacker attacks include phishing scams, code injection, data harvesting, and back door hacking. Hackers can get into your email messages or instant messages and change your settings, so that you end up reading spam emails or accidentally downloading a virus. Some emails contain a link that you should not click on and viruses may appear as pop ups. Hijack This distance will help you avoid any danger of these unwanted emails and viruses. It is easy to trace a call from the Internet so that you know exactly who is making the calls, where they are calling you from, how long the calls last and to whom.

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