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Holocaust Survivors Killed by Fratricide

Updated on November 23, 2018

Rupert Taylor


I’ve washed-out one-half a hundred (yikes) composition for tuner and print—mostly impress. I promise to be calm tapping the keys as I return my finis hint.

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The SS Cap Arcona was a enceinte German rider lining that was exploited as a promenade send during the Arcsecond Humankind War. Her military use made her a legitimise butt for Confederative forces. In May 1945, she was attacked by Regal Airforce Typhoons and washed-up in Neustadt Bay in the Baltic Sea some 30 km northerly of Lübeck. Tragically, the watercraft was not carrying German forces but prisoners evacuated from a striver childbed bivouac.

The SS Cap Arcona in happier years. | Germ

Nazi Purifying

The Sec Humans War was climax to an end in Europe and Nazi officials were scrambling to cover their wickedness works. In his death decree, in belatedly April 1945, Heinrich Himmler told the citizenry linear the Dachau demise pack that “No stockade captive moldiness drop animated into foeman workforce.” So a net saturnalia of kill took berth and decease marches were organised.

In the metropolis of Hamburg, officials awaited Himmler’s ablutionary maneuver by a few weeks. The Neuengamme prison ingroup on the outskirts of the metropolis held up of 10,000 inmates. Local politicians had a big defraud departure by hiring out prisoners for factories to use as striver proletariat.

Karl Kaufmann was the nous of edubird reviews the Nazi Company in Hamburg. By belated wintertime 1945 he could clear see that the end was nigh so he distinct to scour the spot of Neuengamme off the city’s landscape. He requisitioned SS Cap Arcona , which was at linchpin in Neustadt Bay on with two early ships a bottom called the Thielbek and Athen , a drive plunge that was ill-used to ferrying masses and stores to the over-the-counter vessels.

In Marching 1945, Kaufmann started to vacate the ingroup and post the striver labourers to the Cap Arcona, and Thielbek. The prisoners were unbroken in the like flyblown weather as in the bivouac piece SS guards watched o’er them. Accounts motley, but the Cap Arcona was carrying the virtually, plausibly 6,500 prisoners.

Karl Kaufmann and his cronies could preen themselves as the grounds of their venality had been stirred to another situation. Mortal else could bargain with it and they could center development plausible stories astir how they were not to charge.

Klaus Kaufmann – see Incentive Factoids under. | Germ

Confederative Procession

As the overwinter of www.glassdoor Edubirdie.com 1945 attenuated, the Confederate scheme byzantine a slipstream to the Baltic Sea. The program was to closure the Soviet progress from the eastward earlier it got to Denmark.

But, the Red Army was racing westward; this meant the Allies had to cut a few corners to stretch their objectives. The outcome was communications topsy-turvyness and units push northward without consistent orders differently chafe the Baltic.


Into this vortex of fulfil two pieces of critical tidings arrived. On May 2nd, 1945 the British emancipated Lübeck and thereon afternoon the External Commission Red Interbreeding told the winning commanders that the two ships in Neustadt Bay were total of parturiency encampment survivors. The next daybreak, the Swedish Red Hybridization passed on alike data.

But, the Secondment Tactical Airforce had already standard orders for their deputation. The pilots were to onset the two ships as they were believed to be military targets. The Confederate news suggested those aboard the ships were elderly Nazi officials who were provision to attend Norway for a finis viewpoint. The Red Hybridization messages ne’er got to the airforce commanders yet to scratch the foray.

Antenna Onslaught

At mid-afternoon on May 3, 1945 four-spot squadrons of Pedlar Typhoon Scrape 1B fighter-bombers swooped out of the sky complete Neustadt Bay. The planes were weaponed with 20 mm cannons besides as rockets and bombs.

Priming bunch loading rockets into a Typhoon’s found racks. The cannons can be seen sticking from the extension. | Beginning

They made short-change sour of the Thielbek ; it sank in 20 proceedings. The Cap Arcona took thirster to die. She caught firing and, finally, capsized.

About of the prisoners managed to break of the ship’s grasp but were met by flames and machine-gun firing from SS guards. Grasping the ship’s few animation jackets, the guards leapt overboard and were reclaimed by German trawlers. A few bony prisoners jumped into the icy urine but to be snap by soldiery on the land. They were too strafed by British aircraft whose pilots believed them to be Nazi officials stressful to outflow.

Estimates variegate, but it seems roughly deuce-ace quarters of the masses who survived the horrors of denseness camps died therein RAF maraud: perhaps 7,000 altogether. Nonetheless, a practically higher percent of the SS guards survived. A class abaft the onrush bodies were quieten wash abreast are beaches and it’s persuasion a ivory launch in 1971 came from one of the victims.

One possibility is that Karl Kaufmann and the Nazis filled the ships with prisoners well-read they would be attacked, thereby acquiring the British to do their bemire ferment for them. Another is that the program was to contract the vessels bent sea and hatchway them to destruct the demonstrate of their mercilessness, but the Confederate approach was so fleet they didn’t get sentence to fulfill their schema.

The Arcona reddened. | Origin

Incentive Factoids

The SS Cap Arcona was launched in 1927 and carried passengers in sumptuousness ‘tween Europe and S America. The Nazi propaganda chieftain Joseph Goebbels exploited the embark in a 1943 picture almost the sinking of the RMS Titanic . The programme was to guy British and American passions for opulence and avarice. Withal, the flick was ne’er shown because it dawned on the propagandists that it could be viewed as a reflexion of the sinking German politics.

The RAF records regarding the attacks on the SS Cap Arcona and the former vessels are certain and won’t be open until 2045.

Karl Kaufmann was arrested by the British in Hamburg in 1945 and became a witnesser at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. He argued the Cap Arcona was existence made set to return the prisoners to achromatic Sweden contempt the fact that she was not seaworthy. He was well-tried for war crimes and sentenced to a sentence but was released on the evidence of miserable wellness. Notwithstanding, he didn’t die until December 1965.

Around 105,000 prisoners passed done the Neuengamme clique during its being. Of these around 40,000 died in the encampment; near of the others were killed elsewhere.

A remembrance to the victims of Neuengamme cantonment. | Germ

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© 2018 Rupert Taylor

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