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Blemished Logic—Rebuttals to Arguments Against the Creation of God

Updated on Butt 5, 2017

Salma Hassaballa


Salma Hassaballa ‘s awarded record (The Suit) discusses religions’ believability & she produced two documentaries approximately the opinion in God.

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Dawkins’ Parameter Against the Beingness of God

Richard Dawkins, a big critic of creationism [1], claims that God’s creation is only insufferable. He explained a grounds that swarm him to such decision in his illustrious record, The God Illusion , by locution the pursuit:

“Any originative word, of sufficient complexness to excogitation anything, comes into world lone as the output of an protracted serve of gradual development. Originative tidings, existence evolved, needs arrives previous in the existence, and thus cannot be responsible scheming it. God, in the signified outlined, is a illusion; and, as late chapters volition shew, a deadly hallucination.” [2]

In early dustup, Dawkins assumes that if God exists so He has to be a really composite entity and according to His complexness, He has to be an output of an phylogeny; thus, He has to get former in the macrocosm. Thence He cannot be the instigator or the creator of the existence. According to Dawkins, this arguing is plenty substantiation for the absence of God.


Flaws in Dawkins’ Argumentation

As we see, one can easy agnize the flaws of Dawkins’ argumentation and closing. He fictive that our cosmos started elementary then got more complicated done the gradual treat of phylogenesis. Nevertheless, I see that this regulation applies to man’s own design. Everything man creates starts off uncomplicated, but with advance search, investigations, and exploit, it develops and matures. But this does not utilise to God’s creations, for everything God created is rattling composite fifty-fifty if it appears dim-witted. A flyspeck riffle is composite with its photosynthesis; the bacterium cellphone is real composite in conception and part. [3] Any animation existence that comes to biography is composite. What makes livelihood beings awake is sooner composite and undefinable. Dawkins besides unnoted the fact that evolutionary possibility has not been confirmed yet; as the possibility is stillness wanting around information care the wanting links betwixt generations. Furthermore, par(s) that should infer about authoritative wanting data, comparable the range of variation, are likewise unavailable.

Thither is another major blemish in Dawkins’ contention which is, according to him, if God exists, He has to get recent in the existence by gradual phylogeny! If that is so, so Dawkins assumes that God is issue to the rules of phylogenesis! Still, if we adopt that phylogenesis is substantial, so it bequeath be a rationale created by God, which He applied to His innovation. Believing that God is field to a normal He made is alike expecting a TV producer to carry according to the rules he applied on what he manufactured, videlicet, he should run by remote! [4]

Former Blemished Arguments Against the Cosmos of God

Around multitude try to abnegate God’s being by assumptive rules that get ne’er been proved, comparable collimate universes, which incriminate that our cosmos is not the sole one, but thither are many former universes that are twin to apiece early. Frankincense, biography has arrive perchance in one of them, which is our macrocosm! [5] And I enquire if a bingle existence inevitably to be created by God, so why should we wait multiverses (if they survive) to be any dissimilar?

Approximately others reason that the opinion in God is a kinda disturbance, a psychopathy, in approximately signified, that fulfills a psychological motive. They exact that faith is a crutch to use in the laborious multiplication. edubird reviews [6] Withal, I conceive that the indigence for God is a substantiation of His creation. A confused tiddler that seeks his engender sure doesn’t contravene her universe but proves it. Therein circumstance, the celebrated bookman Mustafa Mahmoud says: “Just as our thirstiness for pee is a proofread that it exists, our hungriness for justness is a proofread to us that a upright Beingness exists.” [7]


The Unknowingness of Atheists

I erstwhile asked the celebrated student Dr. Hassan Hathout, around his belief regarding citizenry who refuse God, he answered: “To me, masses who don’t trust in God expression same a individual standing before of a lamp observance his tincture on the rampart and moving his deal and his eubstance and observation the cause of the trace with his own movements and intellection that it is him that created the trace and it is him that created the movements he is sightedness the phantasma doing, totally unsighted to the rootage of lighter because the rootage of lighter is buns him. That is the individual who doesn’t realize God. He is ineffectual to see. He is below the magic that what he sees is his own devising, his own reading, his own institution, he does not get the logic that tells him no it is not you, it is the ignitor arse you that is the root of your icon and its motility.” [8]


Believing in God is a Function of Humming Nature

Believing in God has been experient since the dawning of man; it coincides with the introductory homo logic which says that thither is no lookout without a horologer. Besides, it is rattling born and it goes on with our replete. The philosopher Professor Stelzer aforementioned therein heed:

“We are innate believing; how cum a fiddling nestling, who is the weakest and has no exponent, has got so lots combine?! It is insufferable to gather trustfulness from experiences therein sprightliness. Because almost of the things you can know therein man commit you the antonym from cartel; they dedicate you mistrust and suspiciousness. That is why when near humans mature up, they suit increasingly shady and distrustful unless they birth religion. So therein feel, I am not locution that the cosset is innate in edict to let trust, I am expression the coddle is innate with religion, and it may either snap or decrease it, or it may step-up in religion or donjon its religion, but these are all possibilities.” [9]


Sure, in a rattling solemn instant, every one of us has matt-up God cryptic interior, specially when we pauperization Him almost and this is sufficiency prove of His creation.

Is thither sufficiency attest to conceive in God?


No, notwithstanding, I trust without a ordered manifest

No, and I don’t trust in a god

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Is thither adequate prove to abnegate the being of God?



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[1] Creationism is the religion that world, sprightliness, and the creation were created by a god.

[2] Richard Dawkins. (2006). The God Hallucination, Chapter 2, Flyspeck Pressure, Varlet 31.

[3] http://www.icr.org/clause/just-how-simple-are-bacteria/

[4] Mustafa Mahmoud has raddled a alike analogy in his script A treatment with an atheistical when he was refuting the enquiry of who created God, paginate 7.

[5] http://www.ticket.com/bigideas/are-we-alone/essays-and-opinions/Zeeya-Merali-opinion

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[9] Professor. Dr. Steffen Stezler. Chairman of the Doctrine Section at the American University in Cairo. (2007) . Do you conceive? A documental produced by Salma Hassaballa.

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